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2015 Scholarship Applications Now Available!

In addition to interactive musical presentations, OMHOF awards yearly scholarships to selected graduating Oregon high school seniors who have exhibited serious pursuit and accomplishment in their personal musicianship – and who are college-bound music majors. Recipients are publicly recognized at an award presentation where each performs onstage, demonstrating mastery of his/her instrument.

From 2007 – 2014, OMHOF awarded 26 scholarships totaling $35,500. Our recipients have been accepted to prestigious schools including Juilliard, Yale, and Brown. Feedback indicates these scholarships motivate recipients to excel, give them extra credibility at the (often intimidating) university level, and help minimize their college debt.

Thanks to the generous contributions of EPB&B Insurance, we’re pleased to announce we’ll be offering (4)  $2,500 scholarships in 2015!

Each applicant should be a student studying music with the talent of instrument or voice graduating Spring 2015 from an Oregon high school and continuing their collegiate academics as a major or minor in music at any college or university in the country.

We strive to inspire the continuing of higher musical education by offering assistance with college expenses, so that musical students may aspire to the level of those that have musically made an impact before us and the immense variety they created.

Deadline is February 14th, 2015!

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Mail completed application and required supplemental information to:

Oregon Music Hall of Fame

C/O Scholarship Committee

PO Box 82173, Portland, OR 97282

No applications will be accepted by email, and ALL materials must be mailed together with the application, postmarked by February 14, 2015

Questions may be directed to Janeen Rundle, Director of Music Education Programs at: