Aaron Meyer at Markham Elementary


Getting up close to music, how it’s played, how it sounds in action is a gateway to personal discovery for even the  youngest student. Get a glimpse of the March Music Education Assembly in action.

Markham Elementary OMHOF Aaron Meyer Music Education Assembly.

The Classical Crossover Music Education Program is basically a 40-minute assembly-style programwhere classically-trained violinist Aaron Meyer demonstrates the connections and differences between Classical Music and his own original, modern music, using a traditional violin and a modern electric violin with digital studio effects. Meyer performs throughout the presentation, showing how his original compositions begin with classical music and utilize modern methods of improvisation. Meyer then takes questions from students. Read more about this great program HERE to find out how you can help.


That’s Markham Elementary’s Principal, Shawn Garrett, with Aaron, striking a pose right before the assembly. About 420 students were on hand to see how music works its magic.


Part of the Assembly fun is checking out  the sophisticated, computer-controlled studio equipment Aaron brings with him. We don’t think it will take very long for this tech-savvy generation to get the hang of how it all works. In the photo above, it’s the effects processor that grabbed their attention.


This assembly was on March 18th. Not only was the Markam K-5 in attendance but also  Jen Hughes, who is a family advocate for Head Start, had 2 classes of the pre-school kids in attendance for the assembly.


And a huge THANK-YOU to the Markham Elementary PTA for their generous $300 to support our assemblies.



We really enjoyed the OMHOF Aaron Meyer Assembly at Raleigh Elementary on March 21, 2013. Here are some super moments we know you’ll enjoy taking a look at , as well.







Right to left: Amy P. Music Workshop, Amy Richter Music Workshop, Principal Glen Rutherford, Janeen Rundle OMHOF