All the Sights. All the Sounds

Redwood Son’s Josh Malm just got back from SXSW. Then did 4 gigs in a row back home in Portland. We catch up with him on day 2 of a wind down and talk SX and what’s next for Josh. 

Collaboration is key! Post SXSW in Austin and St. Paddy’s gigs in Portland, Josh is thinking of gathering up! Sounds like getting back to the roots to me. Catch our conversation at Mountain Air Studios, below. He offers up 2 songs, so don’t miss that..and more detes on Josh’s gigs? HERE. you go.    ~Inessa




Josh in the Listening Room. He’s in a collaborative mood, and I know there’s that “band” dealie concept around the corner, so we grab the opp to be bare-bone.