Brian Foxworth: Side Player Extraordinaire


He is one busy guy because he is known for his ability to step right in and bring beats and the feeling to music at a moment’s notice. Brian is Portland’s go-to drummer. Add to that being a talented vocalist and songwriter AND arranger. Get a taste of Brian’s mad drumming skills and amazing personality in our Induction 2015 video interview, below.



Dave Scott with Brian Foxworth


Enjoy the complete conversation, below!

Brian is currently the drummer of award winning artist Curtis Salgado but can be seen playing drums and singing in the Roseland Hunters and What’s Your Pleasure, a tribute band to OMHOF Inductee, Pleasure, when he is off the road. At this year’s Waterfront Blues Festival, Brian was the most active musician at the festival, being called in to play with different local and national artists each day of the festival.



Brian with Curtis Salgado at Waterfront Blues Festival



Brian is a professional touring drummer, singer, songwriter and arranger. He has countless studio sessions, recording with a variety of artists. Brian frequently tours the US and has played gigs as far as Japan and Poland.

A native of Portland Oregon, Brian is a gold mine of every music style. Synonymous with musical heavyweights he started playing in church with the anointing of music at the age of 5 years old. By the age of 15 he played his first gig with Jazz artist Dennis Springer and from there built a promising career in the music industry that has taken him around the world. Brian is Internationally known, and a highly sought after musician.

Having been brought up in the art of drumming, he credits mentors like Bruce Carter, Mel Brown and Carlton Jackson. ~Find out more about Brian HERE.


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