Chance Hayden


What’s more of a thrill? Delivering a new baby into the world, or nurturing one along the path? Maybe a little bit of both for Chance Hayden. His new album is not just about baby Hollis, but also about the extended family of friends and musicians who take part  in The Family Tree.  ~Inessa

Don’t miss an incredible week-long residency at Al’s Den, beginning March 10th. Chance and Ian James will share the stage with sets of each of their music, and some covers too and then hand it off to their special guests. Speaking of family members, be sure to check out who shares the Den with Chance  and Ian on the 14th and 15th!!!

For his new debut album, The Family Tree, Chance continues as the session guy he’s known to be, but also as a sort of orchestra leader. He’s assembled an amazing cast and crew for the debut with Redray Frazier on the vocals. It’s a real generous album of funk and soul vibes. A nod to BEING family, all of us.