Fly Me To The Moon: Live Music for Seniors

“Live music is the most successful program you can offer in a senior living community. It appeals to the largest number of seniors, and holistically feeds their emotional, mental, physical, and communal needs.”

Laura McCormack, Life Enrichment Director, The Quarry Senior Living

Fly Me To The Moon provides enriching opportunities for seniors to enjoy live music by bringing musicians directly into their homes (in this case, retirement communities and assisted living/memory care facilities).

Because most senior facilities and enrichment programs operate with limited funds, they generally rely on the kindness of musicians to donate their time or play for fees well below market rate. Fly Me To The Moon supplements a senior facility’s available funds to provide high quality music performances for their guests.

Our performances focus on music from bygone eras that serve to stimulate memory and create positive emotional experiences for the guests. Oregon’s music scene is rich with musicians who deliver a wide array of music that appeals to seniors, including classic jazz, traditional pop, golden oldies, swing, blues, country-western, and big band. Many of these musicians are hungry for opportunities to give back to their communities by offering performances to audiences who don’t have access to more traditional venues. Fly Me To The Moon builds partnerships between these natural audiences and Oregon musicians to create a mutually rewarding experience for everyone involved.

We need volunteers and donations to maintain our mission.  Thank you so much for your support for this project!