For Savanna Coen, No Limitations


Just as there are no “golden years” and “expiration dates” on creating and playing music, we can arrive into music-making anytime. Savanna Coen is 14 and on a mission.

It was Steven Tyler’s birthday on Tuesday and he was (Gasp!) turning 65. Over on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper it was a disastrous effort to turn this into some sort of humorous story about “aging rockstars”. Doesn’t any self-respecting 65 year old WANT to retire? Gag me, as someone once said. 

It’s long been traditional for music-makers to, well, MAKE the music into what ever age. That’s why it’s refreshing to see it begin at an early age. Who doesn’t love a prodigy? I also am pleased to say that Savanna understands the history of her favorite predecessors and still, activators.

Tom Blaylock  is Savanna’s voice teacher and Bill Harkleroad, the guitar teacher!! And incredibly supportive parents complete the triple threat.

A real thrill, all the way around.  Check out our conversation, below. And the video that first caught my attention. ~Inessa