Godfather of Northwest Blues: Bill Rhoades


Not everyone considers how to bend a note or do a trill on a harmonica. Bill Rhoades admits you can’t really “teach” someone how to play. It comes from the inside and at the beginning, it comes from just making noise. That’s the secret sauce on how to start playing. Take a look at our video interview and then listen to the full conversation with Bill. Plenty of tips for every wanna-be.




Photograph: Brent Angelo



Even the soles of Bill’s shoes are amazing. “Coolest shoes in the house”, said Dave Scott. Listen to our unedited conversation below. Bill talks about how to teach how to blow with feeling. How to bend that note and do a trill. And we touched on the Blues Brothers. Bill called them beginners, but did admit they reconnected their audience to the guys who mattered, like John Lee Hooker and Matt Guitar Murphy!


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