How an Album Gets Made

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Singer-songwriter Michele Van Kleef and guitarist  Tim Ellis are involved in a wonderful collaboration and partnership. The creative juice is really starting to flow!

Michele and Tim are setting the music in motion at Kung Fu Bakery Recording. It’s a great studio found right off  the cozy and busy Division Street neighborhood at 36th They’d already had 4 sessions at the studio in the last weeks. Michele is heading into a more organic and stripped down feel for her upcoming album. A really intimate and sparse sweet spot.   And Tim is very insistent on giving it a timeless feel when they get ready to record the tracks. That means not overly produced when I hear him say that. ~Inessa

P.S. You can catch Michele in action this Saturday night (3/23) at Jimmy Mak’s! The irrepressible Andrew Paul Woodworth is on the bill as well.

Sitting inside the front entrance to Kung Fu Bakery Recording means settling in for a conversation about the journey so far. (Pink Martini were set up for their own session work, so I let  iPhone catch the sound.)


Tim told me he doesn’t like to talk about himself that much. So let me. He’s such an accomplished guitar player, I almost feel ridiculous in describing him that way. (O hang on, I take it back: he actually describes himself as a “guitar god”) But he also IS Kung Fu Bakery. And then there’s that place called Eugenio’s right next door from the studio. Go there for food AND music. Tim’s got that cozy Division and 36th corner covered.