SIGNE ANDERSON: Vocalist Signe Anderson grew up in Portland where she sang both folk and jazz. After a trip to San Francisco, she joined the Jefferson Airplane. Their debut album “Takes Off” was both a critically acclaimed album with fans and critics. Shortly after she gave birth to her child, she returned to Portland. Signe sang with Carl Smith & the natural Gas Company for 9 years. Over the years she has been invited to guest on numerous live performances by the KBC Band and the Jefferson Starship.


DAVE CARTER: Singer/songwriter Dave Carter started writing songs at age 6 and never looked back, He hooked up with singer Tracy Grammer in 1998 and the duo put out their first release in 1999 titled “When I Go’. It was well received and they were signed to Signature Sounds Records and released “Tanglewood Tree” in 2000. Dirty Linen magazine stated ‘In a rational universe, Carter & Grammer would be spoken of in the same terms as Bob Dylan & John Lennon…their recording is that good. Dave passed away in 2002 at age 49 of a heart attack. His songs have been covered by The Kennedys, Lucy Kaplansky, Richard Shindell, Chris Smither, Mary-Chapin Carpenter and one of his biggest supporters, Joan Baez.


DANDY WARHOLS: The Dandy Warhols were formed in 1994 by singer/guitarists Courtney Taylor-Taylor and guitarist Peter Holstrom along with keyboardist Zia McCabe and drummer Eric Hedford (later replaced by Brent DeBoer).

Their garage style alternative sound on their Tim Kerr Records debut “Dandy’s Rule OK” earned them fans and the attention of Capitol Records. Their first Capitol album “Dandy Warhols Come Down” had more of a Brit -rock feel and spawned 3 top 40 singles in the UK. They have since released 6 additional albums, had their music featured in numerous TV shows such as The O.C., Buffy The Vampire Slayer and others. The band was also the subject of “Dig”, a 2004 documentary that won the 2004 Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.


PINK MARTINI: Thomas Lauderdale formed Pink Martini in 1995 and they have since performed concert stages and with symphony orchestras around the world. Soon after he enlisted vocalist China Forbes who became part of the signature, international flavor of the band. Their debut album “Sympathique” was released in 1997 on their own Heinz Record label and quickly became an international phenomenon. Their first 5 albums went gold in Canada, Greece, Turkey and France, where they also won “Song of the Year” and were named “Best New Artist.” They have collaborated and performed with numerous legends including Carol Channing, Jimmy Scott and most recently with the grand children of the Von Trapps of which the “Sound Of Music” was based on.


SAND: Sand showed up on the Portland music scene in the early 70’s with a sound that fit perfectly along side of Crosby, Stills & Nash, Poco and America. Jack Charles, Dan Ross, Dan Wilson, Rich Gooch and Steve Williams comprised the band on their debut self titled 1973 release on Barnaby Records, a label owned by Andy Williams. The label came up with an idea to release their single album on 2 pieces of vinyl to save the listener the time of having to flip it over. The idea backfired as the album came out at the time of a major oil shortage. They followed that up with “Head In The Sand” in 1976 adding Atillio and Ted Affolter, continuing with great songs and vocal harmonies. All members went on to be key players in the Portland music scene, with Jack Charles and Rich Gooch going on to be members in the original Quarterflash.



BILLY HULTS: Billy, also known as Reverend Bill Hults, was a washboard player who played with about everyone in Portland in the 70s and 80s. He also had a band, Billy Foodstamp & the Welfare Rodeo, which boasted up to 22 members. His biggest contribution to the Oregon Music Scene came in 1984 when he helped organize the Mayor’s Ball, to pay off the campaign debts of his boss at the Goose Hollow Inn, who had just won the race for mayor against Frank Ivancie. The musical line-up stretched from Oregon Symphony conductor James DePriest to “Louie Louie” legends, the Kingsmen and was a grand success. Seven additional Mayor’s Balls were held at the memorial Coliseum, bringing national attention to the Oregon music scene with a feature in Billboard Magazine. Billy passed away in 2009 but his legacy lives on through the memories and a great Anthology of his music.


JAY “BIRD” KODER : Jay “Bird” Koder has been a fixture on the Oregon music scene over the past 4 decades. He has played guitar in about every genre of music in Oregon including the Oregon Symphony, Mel Brown, Obo Addy, Thara Memory, Jeff Lorber’s Fusion and Cool’r. Many internationally known artists including Herbie Hancock, Arturo Sandoval, Steve Miller, Gino Vanelli and Robert Cray have called upon his talents. Besides being the go to guitarist, both live and in the studio, he is also known as a great composer, arranger and producer. He currently fronts his own band the Soulmates.



DR. DEMENTO (BARRY HANSEN): Dr. Demento was a Reed College student, who became station manager of the campus FM station before graduating as a music major. He then moved to LA where he did a stint as a roadie for both Spirit and Canned Heat before going to work for Specialty Records putting together R&B collections. In 1970, he officially became Dr. Demento, doing a weekly show on the radio in LA playing great novelty and oddity songs of the past. The show was syndicated in 1974 due to its high ratings and actually launched the career of Weird Al Yankovic. He has been commissioned to create compilations for several record labels, including OMHOF Inductee John Fahey as well as his own series of novelty compilations on Rhino Records.


BILLY TRIPLETT: Billy Triplett was a sound engineer, one of the best ever known. When he was working the boards locally, it was a joy and relief to every musician who knew him and enlightenment to those who did not know him, to have him on the boards that night. The list of bands he did sound for here in Portland goes on forever, from Billy Rancher to Nu Shooz. His talent was recognized all over the world. Over the years he worked with Prince, Pat Benetar, James Brown, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Paul McCartney, ZZ Top and many others. He was able to make an artist sound the best they could possibly sound. Over the years he also took on the roles of producer, manager and tour manager. Billy passed away in 2013 but will be remembered for big talents and big heart.



PORTUGAL. THE MAN: Portugal. The man takes this years Artist of the Year honors.

Formerly of the state of Alaska, Portugal. The Man moved to Portland in 2004. In 2013 they released their 6th album “Evil Friends’, which was well received by critics and fans. It was produced by Danger Mouse. The band’s success led to playing shows and festivals all over the world.



JANICE SCROGGINS:  “Piano Love” was released in October and was just the 3rd release, which carried Janice’s name on the cover, though she was one of the most active musicians in the city. Michael Allen Harrison, a peer and admirer of Janice’s talents, produced the album.  Janice was inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2013.