Meet Kathryn Claire


Joy is infectious. And, it’s addictive. Great to be around that kind of vibe. Catching up with Kathryn Claire’s busy musical life means getting in some laughter! ~Inessa

One of the best things I heard, when we talked the other day, was that Kathryn’s been a full-time musician for about three years now. Great news: to devote yourself to a craft and passion, full time. Yay for that!  That’s my wish for all of us. Kathryn and I got on the phone to talk about her musical path from kid days on that violin, to the present moment. And that includes an upcoming show. Save Saturday, March 2 at Ford Food and Drink for a collaborative evening featuring Kathryn with Ara Lee and Celeste Amadee.

Like lots of us, Kathryn was influenced by music IN THE HOUSE! She finally got a chance to study the violin when she… well I’ll let you listen to our conversation. Check it out, below.