The Oregon Music Hall of Fame (OMHOF) is a nonprofit organization created to help preserve Oregon’s unique, music heritage. The focus of OMHOF is to recognize and promote the legacy of exceptional musicians, while helping to preserve and enrich musical education programs in Oregon.

In 2004, a group of people dedicated to the music scene in Oregon, became committed to revitalizing the slumbering OMHOF. In the 1990’s, the Oregon Music Coalition had inducted approximately 50 bands and individual musicians into the organization. OMHOF continues to recognize all former artist inductees and is honored in a formal ceremony since the fall of 2007.

Once a year, members will be nominated, evaluated and selected for induction into OMHOF. Induction is based on several criteria including individual and group contributions to music in Oregon as well as the impact on music they have had around the world. This will include musicians, producers, radio disc jockeys, promoters and others.

Since OMHOF is a non-profit organization, there are three ways in which you can help; joining as a member, making a donation or volunteering. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.

Although the Board of Directors have given a great deal of their time to re-launch OMHOF, it will take your help through participation (volunteering) and support (membership) to help make this all a reality. Please join today!

Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction Concert & Ceremony

Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction Concert & Ceremony

As an OMHOF member…

You are helping a worthy cause!

  • funding music education in Oregon schools
  • honoring local musicians who’ve performed here for decades
  • keeping Oregon’s musical legacy

Download & mail your membership application to: