Aaron Reihs

I was drawn to playing the saxophone in 5th grade band class, primarily because of my attraction to some CDs I had gotten from the library, including recordings by Dexter Gordon, Illinois Jacquet, and John Coltrane. I became dedicated to studying jazz at the end of 9th grade, when I began working with great Portland teachers such as Thara Memory, Alan Jones, and Scott Hall, as well as playing in multiple local ensembles with which I received the opportunity to play in festivals in New York City, Monterey, and Atlanta. I am honored to have received the OMHOF scholarship, as it represents my dedication and enthusiasm to being a student of this music. I hope to attend one of the east coast music schools I have applied to as a jazz studies major this fall, and the scholarship will help me with affording the high cost of tuition.

Evan Carlson

I started playing trumpet in fifth grade after listening to my older brother play, and I haven’t wanted to set it down since. My most memorable musical experience so far was performing “America the Beautiful” as part of a 500 member ensemble during the Music in May festival at Pacific University where I will enroll in the fall; however, my upcoming European tour as an Oregon Ambassador of Music is sure to be memorable as well. I’m very proud to have been acknowledged by the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, and the scholarship award will help pay for tuition and music lessons as I continue my musical career.

Miya Saito-Beckman

I have been playing the violin since the age of three and began fiddle at the age of 5 because I wanted to play a variety of different music styles. I love teaching my twelve violin/fiddle students, and am so excited to have been awarded the Oregon Music Hall of Fame College Scholarship! It will help me attend college this fall as a violin performance major, but I am still deciding between University of Oregon and University of Puget Sound.

Tatiana Hargreaves

I have always been attracted to the sound of the fiddle and I love the way it can connect people from all different backgrounds. I am excited about receiving the OMHOF scholarship for it will help me attend college where I plan on studying ethnomusicology. I will be attending Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts in the fall.