Storm Large: Artist of the Year


When you are born to be an entertainer, it’s not surprising that during the course of the induction ceremony, many of us called Storm “Entertainer of the year”, though she is without a doubt, an Artist. It’s a complete thrill ride to be near her and the energy she exudes. Catch some of that thrill, right here with our video/interview.




The 2014 Artist of the Year award goes to Storm Large. Storm moved to Portland in 2002 and her popularity has grown with each of her musical adventures including being a contestant on “Rock Star” and in recent years becoming the co-lead singer of Pink Martini. In 2014 Storm was busy touring the country both solo and with Pink Martini. She was on Pink Martini’s “Dream A Little Dream” album, which was released in March and also released her latest solo album “Le Bonheur” which came out in on October.


If you have ever gotten “Stormed”, you know her language veers to whatever topic and thought might be crossing her mind, in what ever colorful language is needed. Such fun living in #NoFilterStormLand. The full and unexpurgated version of our interview is below, for your listening pleasure.




All the images you see of Storm come to us courtesy of Brent Angelo.


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