The Delines COLFAX is Album of the Year

Prolific writer Willy Vlautin has a new muse. She has allowed him to write songs of love, passion, despair and darkness, at once bitter and filled with wisdom. Willy would never voice these songs himself. But Amy Boone has allowed him to channel the lyrics through her old-soul and world weary voice.



Photograph: Burak Cingi/Redferns



Richmond Fontaine‘s Willy Vlautin is compelled to write. Stories. Novels. Songs. He admitted to me he prefers being the sideman. Not out front. Writing, a solitary pursuit, is all about being out front, but you can give your voice over to the characters that inhabit your stories or songs. With Amy, Willy found the perfect someone to voice his inner life. And so was born a new project, The Delines.




Talking with Willy is always such a great ramble. Veering off into the tangled  mess of the writer’s process and need to write. Willy says it is his favorite art form and the most beautiful one. He always had the passion to write. Perhaps borne out of a tough and seemingly spare life growing up in Reno, Nevada. He seems to have found solace, comfort and vision through this art of the word.



Photography: Dan Eccles


While touring with his band, Richmond Fontaine, he met up with The Damnations and found Amy could give voice to songs he would be too “embarrassed” to sing. He tells me it’s because Amy can sing “anything”.  She has allowed Willy to “take the handcuffs” off songwriting. What a gift.





The Delines  Colfax was shaped to be a late night vibe collection of songs. It’s that moment you come home late at night, as Willy describes it. At 2 in the morning, you want that one more drink, one more bit of music to listen to and you’re in the mood to hear about “dents and scars” That is something that interests Willy.  He is a “stubborn streak writer”.  This is his world.






The Oregon Music Hall of Fame is honoring The Delines Colfax as “Album of the Year”.  The induction and celebration, featuring The Delines and Storm Large in performance, is October 10th at The Aladdin Theater.


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