The Reinvention of Ellen Whyte


She says the world has spoiled her rotten! Ellen has had the chance to carve her own path. She has tended to her craft  because as she suggests, “that’s what you do as an artist”.  Her songwriting team is made up of Garry Meziere and her husband John Mullin. There are no signs of letting up for a woman who has been singing since she was a small child and even wanted to sing her school lessons and not recite them! Take a look at this Portland treasure in our video interview and don’t miss the unedited conversation with Ellen and Garry at Classic Pianos, pre-2015 Induction ceremony.

Moving Gracefully Among All Genres of Music


John Mullin and Ellen Whyte at the Induction


The radiant Ellen along with her musical partner of 20 years, almost to the day, Garry Meziere, met at the Muddy Awards in November of 1995 and the rest is history. Ellen tells us  “We took the pony show to the road and off we went”.  Garry says, “Twenty years means it was meant to happen!”. But that is just part of the story.




Ellen with Garry Meziere


Ellen has a fantastic story so we wanted you to hear more about how she came up through the music world and into her own. There seems to have never been a time when song and playing an instrument was NOT part of her world. I think that is the secret to the ease and elegance with which she moves through all the moving parts. She really can do what she wants in that world, though Ellen says she keeps a sharp eye on her audience, on their reaction,  and what pleases them. That is, after all, the gift of entertainment. A gift to us all.








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